Hello World!!!

Welcome to my new blog, Attempting Craftiness.

I don’t guarantee that my craftings will turn out, but I’m at least attempting to make things. And the more I try, the better I’ll get. 😀

I’m always finding all these cute things to make online but I never actually get up the nerve to try and do it myself. This blog will hopefully motivate me to attempt to make the things that I see.

I’ll put down my ideas and hope that everything comes together and I’m able to make the things I say I will, even if they don’t turn out very well.

As of now, most of my ideas are with sewing, but the downside is that I do not have a sewing machine as of yet. My friend will let me borrow hers in the upcoming weeks, so I will be able to post my sewing things as soon as I get that done. Until then, my posts will be what I’m wanting to do, what I’m planning  or what I’ve done (paper crafting or picture wise).